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The Version II “O&O mdc” CTR Delivery System

The “RingShooter II” Preloaded Disposable CTR Injector

A sophisticated disposable pre-loaded Capsular Tension Ring (CTR) Injector. An essential tool for both the surgeon and the patient…

The "RingShooter II" Preloaded Disposable CTR Injector

Constant surveillance of the ophthalmic market helps “O&O mdc” to achieve their goal of designing highly efficient, cost-effective Delivery Systems in line with their customers’ needs and expectations. Only by using a combination of advanced Medical Grade Polymers and our high-tech injection moulding techniques, we are able to offer such a high standard of Disposable Injectors to our clients. The “RingShooter II” CTR Delivery System is extremely user friendly and encompasses the necessity for uncompromising efficiency and safety of patient as standard.

“RingShooter II” Preloaded Disposable CTR Delivery System:


  • This system is fully compatible with any type of CTR and any material (e.g. Cross Link, Compress Moulding and standard PMMA).
  • The “RingShooter II” CTR Delivery System has been developed specifically to simplify the safe implantation of a Capsular Tension Ring into the patient’s eye in order to stabilise the capsular bag before, during and after cataract surgery.
  • The injector is equipped with a translucent guide which allows the surgeon to see the movement of the CTR in the cartridge funnel right up to the point of insertion.
  • The “RingShooter II”, with its anti-rotating system, ensures that delivery of the CTR into the eye is achieved with optimum results.
"RingShooter II" Preloaded Disposable CTR Delivery System
"RingShooter II" Preloaded Disposable CTR Delivery System

Reasons to use the CTR:


  • Circular expansion and stabilisation of the capsular bag.
  • The CTR should be used whenever there is a loss, or potential loss, of stability in the zonular structures that may result in insufficient support for IOL implantation.
  • Both multifocal and aspheric lenses require precise centration in order to achieve optimum results.
  • CTRs minimize decentration from capsular bag shrinkage and weakened zonules.
  • Fewer capsular stretch folds.
  • Simplification of foldable IOL implantation.

Using the “RingShooter II” Preloaded Disposable CTR Delivery System:


  • Pull the Security Clip to draw the CTR up into the injector canula, and then remove the Security Clip.
  • Introduce the tip of the canula into the capsular bag.
  • Implant the CTR into the capsular bag by carefully depressing the plunger.
  • Ensure that the CTR is correctly positioned and that the plunger is fully extended.
  • The CTR is then released from the injector by removing the injector hook from the CTR eyelet.
  • Finally, draw the hook back up into the injector before removing it from the capsular bag to avoid any tissue damage.

Using the "RingShooter II" Preloaded Disposable CTR Delivery System

Injector Packaging:


  • The “O&O mdc” “RingShooter II” can be individually packed in a single or double PETG blister, sealed with a Tyvek® lid, to ensure perfect sterile conditions. To have the CTR packed preloaded with our injection system is therefore a viable option.
  • This affords an ease of use and provides a means for excellent presentation to your clients.
  • CTR manufacturers can choose different methods of sterilisation for the injectors (which are not delivered in sterile conditions) such as Gamma, EtO or H2O2 Plasma.

Injector Packaging

The “O&O mdc” “RingShooter II” injector body can also be personalised with your company logo, and is available in a variety of colours.

For any queries or comments, please contact:

Email: sales@oo-mdc.com

Thank you for choosing the “O&O mdc ” Disposable CTR Delivery System.