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The “O&O mdc” Hydrophobic IOL Preloaded System

Under International Patent #WO2010028873 Protection

The O&O mdc Hydrophobic IOL Preloaded System
Why our “Hydrophobic IOL Preloaded Delivery System” takes the principle lead in today’s market of ophthalmic surgery techniques:


The “O&Omdc” Hydrophobic IOL Preloaded System consists of a removable Lens Rolling System (LRS), moulded from biocompatible copolymers, which is designed for use in tandem with our EasyShooter IOL Injector and MonoGlide cartridges.
Unlike other conventional delivery methods, this highly efficient and cost-effective system has the additional benefits of being extremely user friendly and requires no lens manipulation.
Both the LRS and the MonoGlide Cartridges incorporate the “O&Omdc” special “Gliding Agent” which, depending on your packaging methods, gives an expiry date of three to five years.

The MonoGlide 2.6 cartridge, depending on whether the surgical technique used is docking or traditional, enables the surgeon to make a microincision of between 2.00 mm and 2.60 mm.
The MonoGlide 2.4 cartridge allows the surgeon to control the IOL injection via a sub microincision of only 2.00 mm and 2.40 mm, subject to the surgical technique used. This is, however, conditional on the elasticity of the hydrophobic material used.

MonoGlide Cartridge
MonoGlide Cartridge

Using the Hydrophobic IOL Preloaded Delivery System:

The Lens Rolling System, preloaded with your IOL, is delivered clipped directly to the top of the Injector body and, by means of a simple mechanical action, folds the IOL into the optimum position and pushes it through the Lens Rolling System into the MonoGlide cartridge.

  • After flushing the system with BSS, the viscoelastic solution is injected through the central “VISCO Hole” onto the Security Cap, (Fig.1). For efficient viscoelastic dispersion, place the canula tip perpendicular to “VISCO Hole”.
  • Remove the Security Cap, (Fig.2).
  • Simply slide the glider down to drive the pusher forward to fold and load the IOL into the MonoGlide cartridge, here a 2.2 mm incision size, (Fig.3).
  • Remove the LRS from injector body, (Fig. 4), and use the EasyShooter Injector as a normal, lightweight IOL Delivery System.
  • Gently push the injector stopper until it touches the viscoelastic and the IOL.
  • Apply slight pressure to glide the viscoelastic and the IOL into the cartridge barrel.
Using the Hydrophobic IOL Preloaded Delivery System
Using the Hydrophobic IOL Preloaded Delivery System
Using the Hydrophobic IOL Preloaded Delivery System
Using the Hydrophobic IOL Preloaded Delivery System
  • Drive the IOL through the cartridge funnel, (Fig.5).
  • Insert the cartridge tip into the incision and towards the capsulorhexis.
  • Deliver the IOL into the patient’s eye by applying an even pressure on the push button (Fig 6).
  • Push the lens through slowly and monitor the release of the IOL from the cartridge carefully, finishing before the yellow elastomer stopper reaches the end of the cartridge tip.
Using the Hydrophobic IOL Preloaded Delivery System
Using the Hydrophobic IOL Preloaded Delivery System

Injector Packaging:
  • The “O&Omdc” Hydrophobic IOL Preloaded System can be individually packed in single or double blisters, to ensure perfect sterile conditions. This affords an ease of use and provides a means for excellent presentation to your clients.
  • IOL manufacturers can choose different methods of sterilisation for their own IOL inside the Preloaded System, such as Gamma, EtO or H2O2 Plasma.
  • Blue PETG blister and Tyvek® lids are available.
Single Blister Pack
Single Blister Pack

The “O&Omdc” “Hydrophobic IOL PRL Delivery System” is available in a variety of colours

For any queries or comments, please contact:

Email: sales@oo-mdc.com

Thank you for choosing the “O&O mdc ” Hydrophobic Preloaded IOL Delivery System.