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The “O&O mdc” IOL Cleaning Tweezer

IOL Cleaning Tweezers

Some good reasons for using specific IOL Cleaning Tweezers:

  • The IOL Cleaning Tweezers are specifically designed for handling the IOL during production with no risks of lens damage.
  • Suitable for all material as hydrophobic or hydrophilic IOLs as well as old PMMA lenses...
  • Not limited to lens diameter. Easy to use for lens inspection.
  • Easy handling.
  • Can be used in automatic cleaning with multi US baths and drying units as per photo on the right.
  • Easy to clean and even sterilise.
Cleaning Tweezers

For any queries or comments, please contact:

Email: sales@oo-mdc.com

Thank you for choosing the “O&O mdc” IOL Cleaning Tweezers.