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The “O&O mdc” LabSealer for IOL Holster or Blister

LabSealer for IOL Holster or Blister

A user-friendly sealing machine made in cooperation with Tommy Nielsen (DK) for sealing either four Holsters or one Blister under Laminar Flow Hood.

In constant line with “O&O mdc” customers’ needs and expectations in their production environment, Tommy Nielsen and “O&O mdc” have achieved their goal by designing and manufacturing a highly efficient, cost-effective small “LabSealer” machine made for critical environment like Laminar Flow Hood. Built-in with two elements, the sealing unit and the PLC unit, it allows reducing the sealing unit size to minimum with a round shape that will not disturb your laminar Flow Hood environment.


IOL Manufacturing Equipment LabSealer for IOL Holster

The PLC unit, placed out of Laminar Flow Hood, can be located either in or out the Clean Room. The PLC function can easily be set-up allowing Good Validation Practices as it allows setting three sealing parameters, temperature to 1°C, air pressure to 0.2 bars and time of contact per 1/10 of second.


The sealing tool can be changed easily in few seconds to enable to seal either four Holsters (as shown in the photo below) or one polypropylene Blister for receiving the holster.

IOL Manufacturing Equipment LabSealer for IOL Holster

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