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The “O&O mdc” Mould Metal Inserts
for IOL and CL Injection-Moulding

The “O&O mdc” Mould Metal Inserts

Metal Diamond Turning for Intraocular Lens and Contact Lens Mould Inserts is becoming a “must” in the cutting edge technology of the ophthalmic industry…

More and more Companies having an “in house” polymerisation department are moulding their difficult surfaces as aspherical, multifocal, diffractive, toric and even freeform surfaces.

Same technology as metal mirrors used in space technology is applied on complex surfaces used for polymer lenses that are replicated through injection moulding. Shrinking of polymer that occurs after moulding is compensated by adjusting the form insert.

This technology open new possibilities for injection-moulded parts which can now enter in high-precision market and value the final product.

Each insert surface has its own requirements regarding surface accuracy, surface roughness and production efficiency therefore costs.

Manufacturing Intraocular Lens and Contact Lens Mould Inserts in non ferrous metals as Cupper-Beryllium, Aluminium, Nickel or specific allows like Cupper-Nickel has allow easier prototyping or validation series, even if today broadly worldwide use…

Thanks to LT-ULTRA nanotechnology machines associated with new Ultrasonic Diamond Turning Technology for machining specific Stainless Steel developed in exclusivity for “O&O mdc”…
Intraocular Lens and Contact Lens Mould Inserts are now available at “O&O mdc”…

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Due to their high degree of hardness, extreme durability and thermal behaviour, Stainless Steel Mould Inserts are becoming a great demand for the replication by injection moulding in large batch production of optical moulds components for Intraocular Lens and Contact Lens.
The high volume production per insert, the surface quality and reproducibility of lens moulds brings easier injection-moulding techniques with more reliability and higher volume without cleaning or reshaping inserts.

This brings much more practical and smooth manufacturing environment!


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