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The “O&Omdc” IOL Packaging Items

The Semi-Preloaded Hydrophobic IOL Packaging

The Semi-Preloaded Hydrophobic IOL Packaging

The goal of “O&Omdc” is to design highly efficient, cost-effective IOL Packaging Items in line with their customers’ needs and expectations and is achieved by constant surveillance of the ophthalmic market and current “MICS” techniques.

The “O&Omdc” Hydrophobic IOL Semi-Preloaded consists of OneShooter IOL Injector and FlyGlide cartridges.

The OneShooter IOL Delivery System is extremely user friendly and encompasses the necessity for uncompromising efficiency and safety of patient as standard.

The “OneShooter”, in conjunction with “O&Omdc” FlyGlide and FlyGlideMicro cartridges ensures the accuracy of the IOL’s insertion during injection.

The tapered, back loading “FlyGlide” and “FlyGlideMicro” cartridges incorporate guide rails for optimum positioning of the IOL. This significant new feature of “O&O mdc” FlyGlide and FlyGlideMicro Cartridges allows an easy preloading of the IOL.

Unlike other conventional delivery methods, this system has the additional benefits of being extremely user friendly and requires no lens manipulation.

FlyGlide Cartridge

FlyGlide Cartridge

FlyGlideMicro Cartridge

FlyGlideMicro Cartridge

Semi-Preloaded Hydrophobic IOL Packaging

Injector Packaging:
  • The “O&Omdc”IOL Packaging Items can be individually packed in blisters, complete with injector body, cartridge and elastomer stopper to ensure perfect sterile conditions. This affords an ease of use and provides a means for excellent presentation to your clients.
  • IOL manufacturers can choose different methods of sterilisation for the packaging such as Gamma, EtO or H2O2 Plasma.
  • Blue PETG pre-cut blisters and Tyvek® lids are available in dimensions of 192mm x 60mm x 21mm.

Injector Packaging

The Semi-Preloaded Hydrophobic IOL Packaging


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