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The “O&Omdc” IOL Packaging Items
“O&Omdc” Hydrophobic Soft Acrylic Packaging

Single Barrier Packaging

Lens Holder:
  • Lens Holder are made in Polypropylene that can be Gas or Gamma sterilized. It safely holds the Hydrophobic Soft Acrylic IOL in its PETG blister covered by a “Tyvek®” lid.
  • Because of the smooth lateral pressure, the practitioner or medical personnel can easily fold the hydrophobic IOL into the optimal position.

    The O&O mdc Lens Holder is available in light green. Colorants used are stabile FDA approved pigments.
Single Barrier Packaging

Foldable IOL Packaging:

The Lens Holder (containing the lens), sealed with a “Tyvek®” lid, should be individually packed in a PETG blister sealed also with a Tyvek® lid.

This packaging ensures perfect sterile conditions and it also affords an ease of use and provides excellent presentation of the Device to your clients.

IOL manufacturers can choose different methods of sterilization.

IOL manufacturers can sterilize the IOL Device all in one with its packing through EtO, Gamma or H2O2Plasma sterilization.

O&O Hydrophobic LHF_Holster


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