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“O&O mdc” is an IOL process engineering company which also specializes in the manufacture and supply of IOL disposable delivery systems, lens packaging, semifinished IOLs and Half-Moulded polymers for being used by the IOL industry only.

“O&Omdc” has worked to further Research and Development into the advancement of new IOL polymers using Half-Moulded system for IOLs.

The goal of “O&Omdc” is to provide the highest quality polymer for IOL in line with our customers’ needs and expectations.

“O&Omdc” Hydrophilic intraocular lens materials are manufactured using highly purified monomers “O&Omdc” Polymer is characterized by low residuals which allows to obtain a unique outcome and the best performance.

The hydrophilic material is created to work in combination with “O&Omdc” IOL Mould Technology. The material will be supplied in a Half-Moulded Blank form.

This Half-Moulded Blank product ensures a reduction of IOL manufacturing time and production costs, in addition to increase yield output.

“O&O mdc” Hydrophilic Polymer technical information:

Specifications: Specification with Tolerances:
Transmission in the visible: > 90% (400 – 1050 nm)
Transmission in the U.V.: < 5% (220 – 350 nm)
Transmission in the near U.V.:: < 70% (350 – 400 nm)
Dry Refraction Index 546.1 nm - 20°C:: 1.507 ± 0.004
Dry Refraction Index 589.3 nm - 20°C: 1.505 ± 0.004
Wet Refraction Index 546.1 nm - 20°C: 1.4625 ± 0.004
Wet Refraction Index 589.3 nm - 20°C: 1.4600 ± 0.004
Wet Refraction Index 546.1 nm – In Situ: 1.4625 ± 0.004
Wet Refraction Index 589.3 nm - In Situ: 1.4620 ± 0.004
Linear Expansion 20°C In water: 1.110 ± 0.002
Linear Expansion 35°C In Situ: 1.110 ± 0.002
Water Absorption -20°C: 24.5% ± 1.5%
Saline Absorption – 35°C 23.5% ± 1.5%
Total Residual: < 1%


“O&O mdc” Clear, Natural Yellow & Yellow Hydrophilic IOL Polymer is a cross-linked co-polymer of 2-Hydroxyethylmethacrylate and 2-Ethoxyethylmethacrylate. The polymer is a 100% Acrylate structure.
“O&Omdc” Hydrophilic IOL Polymers are available in clear, natural yellow and yellow (blue filter)


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