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“O&O mdc” is an IOL process engineering company which also specializes in manufacture and supply of semi-finished IOLs, Half-Moulded polymers and Viscoelastic Solution for being used by the Ophthalmic industry only.

The “O&O mdc” constantly analyses Viscoelastic Solution manufacturing operation to achieve the goal of becoming one of the best manufacturers in this field. It is a quite complex project to set up Viscoelastic manufacturing plant; therefore no risk should be taken in choosing the correct engineering process consultant. “O&O mdc” extensive experience in the ophthalmic market will become “the ideal companion” for your new venture, bringing a greater professional security to all your investment. This experience and success is being used today to create a semi-automated production intended for the production of either Sodium Hyaluronate (cohesive and dispersive) or HPMC solutions.

Thanks to the experience accumulated in the ophthalmic field the “O&O mdc” team is today able to offer an extensive training program aimed at all the companies that are intending to learn or improve viscoelastic solution manufacturing skills.
The manufacturing of these HA OVDs, whether cohesive and/or dispersive, needs carefully chosen equipment, designed for use with this newly perfected process. Using Bio-technology high molecular weight raw material by a key European Company, it will be become easier to streamline your manufacturing process with the experience of the “O&O mdc” team.
“O&O mdc” Academy Centre provides all the tools and equipment necessary for the viscoelastic manufacturing. Located close to Rome (Italy), “O&O mdc” makes available its Laboratory (comprehensive of clean room) for a unique viscoelastic manufacturing program that includes processes such as blend mixing, syringes filling and stoppering, packaging and sterilization.

“O&O mdc” knows how is difficult to start a viscoelastic manufacturing business and to get ISO and CE Mark certifications. In order to simplify this process, “O&O mdc”, that get ISO certification for its Quality Management System and CE Mark certification for some of its products, has decided to offer a unique and innovative collaboration program. This open collaboration will bring benefits in term of yield, quality, throughput, resourcing and process knowledge, which drive significant improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Operational Excellence.

Do not stop your investment but let the “O&O mdc” team taking care of your business.

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