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The "O&O mdc" Semi-Finished IOLs for the Industry

"O&O mdc" Semi-Finished Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic IOLs are available for the Industry in a wide variety of designs that will suit any implantation technique, once the lens has been through your proprietary finishing process.

All foldable IOLs can be implanted by means of single use "O&O mdc" Delivery Systems as Injectors and Cartridges or Preloaded Systems.

Edge and haptic thickness of all "O&O mdc" Semi-Finished IOLs are manufactured to the exact dimensions ensuring that, once the lenses are finished, packed and sterilised, in accordance with your own specialised technologies, they can then be inserted, by your surgeons, into the capsular bag, in a stable and safe position, without risk of vaulting or rotation.

All "O&O mdc" Semi-Finished IOLs are manufactured with a square edge encompassing the full 360° of the back optic zone. All IOLs have a front edge profile to reduce dysphotopsia.

The "O&O mdc" Semi-Finished IOLs exist in various foldable materials:

  • 25% Hydrophilic: Lenses are delivered "Polished Free" either in clear, "Natural Yellow" or "Yellow" (blue filter) polymer providing a high level of comfort and best functionality based on the combination of Hydrophilic material and a hydrophobic treated back surface. Due to their hydrophobic back surface they also demonstrate an improved secondary cataract performance. Thanks to the state-of-the-art Sub Micron Lathing and Milling technique, the Semi-Finished lenses do not require additional polishing after production and thus keep their square edges and hydrophobicity.
  • Hydrophobic: Lenses are delivered either in "Natural Yellow" or "Yellow" (blue filter) polymer and your finishing process of lenses will be greatly expedited by the superior quality of the finished lathed and milled surfaces.

In addition, spherical, aspherical, multifocal and diffractive optical geometries are available.
At "O&O mdc" we can also take your existing design or new IOL concepts, and manufacture Semi-Finished IOLs to your specifications. "O&O mdc" will also provide you with an analysis of the proposed lens.