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The "O&Omdc" IOL Delivery Systems

The Inside-EasySingle-Use Hydraulic IOL Injector

The InsideEasy Single-Use Hydraulic IOL Injector

Inside-Easy single-use IOL Delivery Systems:

  • Packed in box of 10 single units.
  • Box dimensions are 135 x 60 x 195 mm. This space-saving and practical pack solution minimize inventory costs.

Inside-Easy Injector Features:

The new Inside-EasyIOL Delivery System ensures efficient and consistent lens loading and insertion meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
The Inside-Easyin conjunction  with any O&Omdcbutterfly style cartridge assure the accuracy and precision of the IOL’s insertion during delivery.
The Inside-Easyenables the surgeon to carry out micro-incision cataract surgery dependent on cartridge type and whether the preferred technique is traditional or wound assist.

Inside®Easy MODEL


(Wound Assist)
Inside®Easy 2.4 HydroGlideClip 2.6 mm

2.0 mm

Inside®Easy 2.2 FlyGlide 2.4 mm 1.8 mm
Inside®Easy 2.0 HydroGlideClipMini 2.2 mm 1.8 mm
Inside®Easy 1.8 FlyGlideMicro 2.0 mm 1.6 mm

The innovative cartridge design ensures a comfortable loading of the lens, reducing preparation time and enabling faster, safer and more efficient surgery. Furthermore, the new design is compatible with any 1-piece hydrophobic or hydrophilic IOL.

Using “O&Omdc” cartridges ensures the correct positioning of the lens.

Using “O&Omdc” cartridges ensures the correct positioning of the lens

Inside-EasyInjector Packaging:

  • The innovative “O&Omdc” IOL Delivery Systems are individually packed in PETG blisters with Tyvek® lids including the cartridge and stopper, to ensure easy access and maintain perfect sterile conditions.
  • High-Tech H2O2 Plasma sterilisation method is used for all “O&Omdc” IOL Delivery Systems.

The InsideEasy Single-Use
The InsideEasy Single-Use

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