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The "O&Omdc" IOL Delivery Systems

Inside-Twin Injector
Designed for One-piece and 3-piece Hydrophobic IOL
With unique “Top Loading Coated” Cartridge…

“Push&Screw”: IOL delivery has never been so precise...

The InsideTwin Injector

Inside-Twin single-use IOL Delivery Systems:

  • Packed in box of 8 single units.
  • Box dimensions are 195 x 65 x 190 mm. This space-saving and practical pack solution minimize inventory costs.

Inside-Twin Features

The new Inside TwinIOL Delivery System enables simple, efficient and consistent IOL loading into the cartridge, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
TheInside Twin in conjunction with “O&Omdc” Coated TwinGlide cartridges provide consistency and accuracy of IOL insertion during injection.
The Inside Twinrevolutionary and innovative design enables surgeons to choose the preferred method of injection between “Push&Screw”. In addition to the traditional, single handed, syringe style delivery the surgeon can switch to screw style for increased precision and control.
TheInside Twinpermits the surgeon to carry out micro-incision cataract surgery dependent on the cartridge type and whether the preferred surgical technique is traditional or wound assist.

Inside®Twin MODEL


(Wound Assist)
Inside®Twin HFA 2.2 2.4 mm

2.0 mm

Inside®Twin HFA 2.0 2.2 mm 1.8 mm
Inside®Twin HP 2.0 2.2 mm 1.8 mm
Inside®Twin HP 1.8 2.0 mm 1.6 mm

The innovative coated cartridge design provides easy loading of the lens under direct visualisation, reducing preparation time, enabling faster, safer and more efficient surgery. The “Inside®Twin” coated cartridge is compatible with any One-piece or 3-piece C-Loop hydrophobic IOL.

Using “O&Omdc” cartridges ensures the correct positioning of the lens

Inside-Twin Injector Packaging:

  • The “O&Omdc” safety and innovative IOL Delivery Systems are individually packed in PETG blisters with Tyvek®lids, including its cartridge and stopper, to ensure perfect sterile conditions. This provides an excellent presentation and ease of use for end users. High-Tech H2O2 Plasma sterilisation is used for all “O&Omdc” IOL Delivery Systems

The InsideTwin Single-Use

For any queries or comments, please contact:

Email: sales@oo-mdc.com

Thank you for choosing the “O&O mdc” Disposable IOL Delivery System.