O&O mdc Ltd.

1West Street, Lewes,
East Sussex, BN7 2NZ, U.K.
Tel: +44 (0)745 204 3401

O&O mdc s.r.l.

"Eden Business Park"
Via di Grotte Portella 28-34
00044 Frascati (RM) – Italy
Tel: +39 06 9401 6099


About Us

O&O mdc is an Engineering Company in Ophthalmic Medical Devices, specialising in IOL and Viscoelastic Manufacturing, Research into New Technologies and Project Development, working closely
with manufacturers world-wide.

O&O offers a complete manufacturing process, from design and machining through to clean room inspection and assistance. In the last 20 years several manufacturing units have been created globally, with the cooperation of O&O mdc - and some are today recognised as major players…

In order to facilitate the technological advance and marketing of O&O’s customers’ devices, O&O has recently developed its own range of IOL Delivery Systems and Packaging Accessories, devoted solely to the IOL industry as well as new Hydrophobic Polymers.

With over 30 years of experience Patrick MEUNIER, CMD of O&O mdc, is a recognized specialist within the IOL and Ophthalmic Products’ Industry.

O&O mdc is a Private Limited Company based in England, in the district of Brighton & Hove and having its Research and Manufacturing Lab based in Italy, at Frascati in the Rome area.